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M2 / 2009/10

Design & Artwork by José Mendes.

M20. Celebrating the 20 years of M2 graphic arts.

National Gold award @CCP/2010; Best Design of the Year @CCP/2010; ADC*E Nomination.

M2 is a Print House. By 2009 M2 was enjoying its 20th anniversary. We came up with M20, a clear direct icon. 12 Designers were invited to illustrate that icon based on their relationship with M2. Inspired by Sebastião Rodrigues’s modernist designs, the language used in the project develops around the M20 icon, sometimes deconstructed to build patterns and textures. The result is a showcase of finishing and printing solutions offered by M2.

Creative Director: José Mendes / Copywriter: Luís Alvoeiro & Susana Albuquerque / Designer: José Mendes / Production Company: M2 – Artes Gráficas / Photographer: Luís Mileu / Illustrators: Paulo Rocha, Rui Morais, Ricardo Matos, José Mendes, Leonor Morais, Raquel Viana, Ricardo Alexandre, Paulo Lima, Luís Alvoeiro, Diogo Potes, Mariana Lima, Pedro Carmo, Carlos Guerreiro, Formas do Possível.

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