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Documentary directed by finalists students of the design and graphic arts course at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.
Directed by João Augusto & Vasco Gaspar. Assistant director Joana Domingues. Thanks guys.

MAGA & M2 / 2010

HAT (CHAPÉU) is born among friends. Seven friends, to be precise. Six designers and a Master of Graphic Arts. And we are talking about the real Graphic Arts, not the industry that gradually occupied that space. Together, we have this will to share a growing passion for design that is felt in Portugal for years.HAT is also a proof of love for the object. A love for the simple things done well which create harmony and wellbeing in our days. Stationary, bags from Krv Kurva and all that other things that our passion, and our public, will allow it to be.HAT is a Portuguese idea shared by MAGA e M2.

CHAPÉU store

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